Jonah 3-4; Proverbs 24:13-22

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Jakob Acker, Joseph's Dream, photo by Joachim Köhler

"Of the two gospels that tell us anything about the birth of Christ, Matthew alone tells us Joseph's part in all this transaction. As we read the evangelist's account of that time, we see clearly that Joseph's cross was scarcely, if any, less heavy than Mary's … Gabriel had come in the name of God, to reassure the despairing heart of the bridegroom, to demand of him the consummation of the broken-off marriage, and to announce the Incarnation of the Son of God; he had even told Joseph the Heaven-given name of the divine Child who was thus committed to his fatherly care."

Alexander Whyte, A Classic Nativity Devotional
[Joseph's Dream]

Christianity Today Advent Calendar compiled by Susan Wunderink

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